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ReHLDS HackDetector Lite 2018-05-18

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HackDetector Lite
  • Lev
  • 0.15.328.lite
Module and plug-in for detecting and blocking speedhake, and detecting slowmotion (slowmotion).
At once I will say that false detectives are occasionally encountered. The players with ping for 200-300 and large jitter. But such players, in theory, do not have a place on the server, i.e. visually it is very noticeable and it is inconvenient to play with them.
So, taking into account the blocking of speedhak, it makes no sense to put a very large penalty.
Logs are saved in the amxmodx \ logs folder.

Supported versions of HLDS:
  • Windows from 5758 and higher.
  • Linux from 5787 and higher.
Supported versions of ReHLDS:
  • from 937 and above
  • hd_admin_notify 2 - notification of admins about the speedhake (at 1 and above) and sloumoshena (at 2 and above) in the player
  • hd_sh_punish "kick [userid] '[reason]'; addip 60.0 [ip]" is the punishment command for speedhead, the available tags are below
  • hd_sh_reason "Speed hack detected" - the reason used in the bath for speed hack
  • hd_sm_reason "Slow motion detected" - the reason used for bathing for sloumoušen
Tags for commands punishment:
  • [userid] - is replaced with User ID, type # 12345
  • [authid] - replaced with SteamID
  • [name] - is replaced by the player's nickname
  • [ip] - is replaced by the player's IP
  • [reason] - is replaced by the reason for the ban
'- an apostrophe, is replaced by a double quotation mark "
  • Place the hackdetector_amxx_i386.dll ( for Linux) in the addons / amxmodx / modules folder.
  • Place hackdetector.amxx in the amxmodx / plugins folder .
  • Add the hackdetector.amxx line to the amxmodx / config / plugins.ini file .
  • Also, installation options are possible without the use of a plug-in, in this case, penalties will not be done and only the speedhead lock will remain: installation as a normal plugin for metamod installation as a module for AMXX with its writing to the file amxmodx / config / modules.ini
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