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PUBLIC PUG MOD 04/25/2018

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I've made this pugmod for public brazilian servers, but, recently, I decided to post it here, people may could like it. So, let me explain what it does:

1. MD3 System
- It's 3 rounds at start, when X team win the first round, it'll restart, if that team win again, the team will start with one more point. If the other team win, the MD3 will be tied and the LIVE begins.

2. Spec caller
- When there's less than X players in Y team (value controlled by cvar), the pug will call someone from spectators if there's at least one there. It'll call X times before the pug kick a random player from spectators (value controlled by cvar).

3. Server redirect.
- When someone join on the server or get transfered to spectators after the pug be completed, a menu will open asking if he wants to go to another server (list from .ini file).

4. Comunication
- Alive players can hear the dead player's mic (ON/OFF)

5. AFK kicker
- If there's an AFK, the pug could kick if he don't move.

6. Multi-kills show
- If someone kill X players (value controlled by cvar), his/their name(s) will be showed at the new round.

7. Ace message
- If someone kills the entire enemy team, his name will be showed at the new round.

8. Server needing players
- If theres less than X players (value controlled by cvar), the pug will countdown until the match get canceled due insufficient players.

9. Round deagle
- The admins can transfer all the players to spectator and starts a round deagle for team choose.

10. Votemap
- The votemap starts after the match's end. If there's than X players (value controlled by cvar), the votemap will cancel and continue when there's sufficient players.

11. Reset server
- When there's no players, the pug reset the server.

12. Force ready
- Players can be forced to be ready and their punishments can be changed by a cvar.

13. Scoreboard's colors.
- The scoreboard's color can be changed with a cvar.

14. Match's scores
- The game's scores can be changed.
- Cvars
; Config file to change the pug's cvar value

// Number of players to start the game.
pugeffx_minplayers "10"

// Number of player per team.
pugeffx_plrlmt "5"

// Number of calls that the pug do before kick someone from spectators.
pugeffx_chamados "4"

// Number of players for cancel the match.
pugeffx_miado_num "8"

// Number of players for the pug change the map to de_dust2 (if its not d2)
pugeffx_changemap_num "4"

// Kick AFK
pugeffx_afk_kick "1"

// Time for AFK
pugeffx_afk_time "35"

// Gamename INFO ([Live], [MD3], etc...)
pugeffx_placar_gamename "1"

// Alive players can hear the deads.
pugeffx_dead_mic "1"

pugeffx_ready_prefix "[READY]"

// Warmup money
pugeffx_respawn_money "16000"

// Overtime money
pugeffx_overtime_money "12000"

// Number of kills that the players need to show on "Multi kills" hud
pugeffx_multikills "2"

// Force ready time.
pugeffx_forceready_time "30"

// Force ready's punishment.
// Punishments list: "ready", "spec", "kick", "nothing"
pugeffx_forceready_punishment "ready"

// Scoreboard color
// Color's list
// yellow, red, blue, pink, purple, white, green, orange, random or RGB format.
// RGB format example: "200 20 150"
pugeffx_cor_placar "green"

// Info color (LAST ROUND, MATCH POINT, etc)
pugeffx_cor_aviso "red"

// No grenades on warmup.
pugeffx_lock_grenades "1"

// Reset server when it's empty.
pugeffx_reset_server "1"

// Kick admins on spec if they don't join when the pug is calling.
pugeffx_kick_admin_spec "0"

// Show teammate's money on freezetime
pugeffx_show_money "1"
- Necessary Includes
- CromChat =
- Dhudmessage =

- Credits
- OciXCrom's Best Player MOTD =

- Change LOG

04/06/2018 - First release

04/13/2018 - v1.1
. Added pugeffx_kick_admin_spec - Kick admins on spec if they don't join on the team when the pug is calling.
. Added pugeffx_show_money - Players can see their teammates' money on freezetime w/ dhudmessage (On spawn, there are 3 huds already).
. Added status after the match's end.

. Used CC_SetPrefix native from instead of adding %s at all CC_SendMatched.
. Fixed wrong language on Mult-Kills.
. Changed some messages formats.

04/13/2018 - v1.2
- Added automatic choose teams after the round deagle's end.
- Optimized some functions.
- Added 'Aces' status on pug_status.
- Added 'playerAced' forward.
- Added .mute command which mute a teammate's mic.
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