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ReHLDS ReAuthCheck 2018-05-18

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Author :
  • Adidasman

Description :
  • ReAuthCheck is a Metamod plugin that additionally checks the authorization of players, doing a number of validation checks, thereby enhancing server protection from third-party programs (fakes).

Requirements :
  • ReHLDS 714 ( bugfixed ) or newer
  • Reunion
  • MetaMod 1.20 (p) or newer

Installation :
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Unpack reauthcheck_X_X.rar in the folder <gamedir> of your game.
We add the library or reauthcheck_mm.dll depending on the OS used in the Metamod configuration.
To do this, open <gamedir> /addons/metamod/plugins.ini (if not, create it yourself) and write Strictly below Reunion.


linux addons/reauthcheck/


win32 addons\reauthcheck\reauthcheck_mm.dll
  • From the extracted archive there will be a file reauthcheck.cfg which should be located next to the library reauthcheck_mm.dll or
  • We start the server and use the meta list command to check the status

Currently loaded plugins:
description stat pend file vers src load unlod
[ 1] Reunion RUN - vX.X.X ini Start Never
[ 2] ReAuthCheck RUN - vX.X.X ini Start Never


Currently loaded plugins:

description stat pend file vers src load unlod
[ 1] Reunion RUN - reunion_mm.dll vX.X ini Start Never
[ 2] ReAuthCheck RUN - reauthcheck_mm.dll vX.X ini Start Never

  • ReAuthCheck installation is complete.

Changes :
More detailed

0.1.6 (8 March 2017)
  • Added a new method for detecting "CheckMethod10".
  • Added a ban for 10 min by addip for "Method # 3".
  • Added reading of the config with "UTF-8 BOM".
0.1.5 (24 December 2016)
  • Support for ReHLDS with API version 3.x
  • Added a maximum limit of "Disconnects" by time
  • Strict Method "CheckXFakeFlood"
  • Removed detection with the same SteamID (implemented in reunion)
0.1.4 (10 August 2016)
  • Added tracking of the " Connection State " of the Player.
  • Added detection for the deviations of the " Connection Protocol ".
  • Added detection of players with the same " SteamID ".
  • IP address verification is added to the " List White Max IP " list .
  • Fixed bug engine recalling " spawn " after authorization (Thanks to PRoSToTeM @).
  • Changed the detection of " CheckMethod5 " to the beginning of the connection.
0.1.3 (July 8, 2016)
  • Added detection of " XFakePlayers " (before checking the consistency of files).
  • Fixed reading the config.
  • For all methods "By Default" the punishment is Kick .
  • The penalty line in the config is now " additional ".
  • The " List White Max IP " list is activated when the "CheckMaxIp" setting is enabled.
0.1.2 (1 July 2016)
  • Compatibility is updated , the presence of ReHLDS ( version from 795 ) is strictly required .
  • Added detection of the latest " XFakePlayers ".
  • A white list of IP addresses has been added to configure " CheckMaxIp ".
  • Изменен квар "CheckXFakeNew1" на "CheckXFakeNew".
  • The quart " IgnoreDefaultPort " was removed .
0.1.1 (26 March 2016)
  • Refactoring code
  • Changed the validation validation function (before the putinserver)
  • Changed some of the punishment functions (now only kick)
  • Removed some quars (made by default)
  • The configuration file is transferred to the library
0.1.0 (25 March 2016)
  • First release


Question : Which version of ReHLDS should I use?
Answer : The latest version ( bugfixed ).

Question : Do I need to change what server kvars?
Answer : Yes, mp_consistency " 1 " (otherwise some detection methods will not work).

Question : How best to configure the module configuration?
Answer : The standard configuration is configured optimally.

Q : Does the module really detect all fake programs?
Answer : At the moment, all existing software discovers (that is, 99.9% ).

Question : If the module mistakenly discovers the player?
Answer: In this case, you need to provide the information to the Author, with a personal message, and before that, write the Debug logs to a quad LogMode = 3 .

Question : If I have a private software that does not detect?
Answer : Then you need to provide information to the Author, a personal message.

Question : Does the module heavily load the server?
Answer : No.

Question : What if I have any wishes for implementation in the module?
Answer : Inform the Author with a personal message.

Q : How do I disable a specific discovery method?
Answer : In the config from the module, the values of the settings are clearly described, and there you can turn off the necessary settings.

Question: If I changed the configuration in the config I need to do a full restart?
Answer : No, the config is loaded every time the card is changed.

Question : The module sends some commands to the player, for which they will then be banned in promotion.
Answer : No, all checks are carried out on the server side.

Thanks :
  • dreamstalker for the project
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