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ReHLDS Resources Checker 2018-05-18

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Resources Checker

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Rechecker is a Metamod plugin, which makes it possible to check client files on their md5 hash.
Possible applications:
  • Detection of cheat libraries in the game directory
  • Detection of the absence of compulsory files for the game
  • Detection of forbidden models of players, or creation of the white list of allowed
  • ReHLDS 937 engine or newer
  • MetaMod 1.20 (p) or newer

  • Unpack the in the <gamedir> folder of your game.
  • We add the library or recheck_mm.dll depending on the OS used in the MetaMod configuration.
    To do this, open <gamedir> /addons/metamod/plugins.ini (if not, create it yourself) and write:
    Linux :

    Windows :
  • From the extracted archive there will be a resources.ini file that should be located next to the library rechecker_mm.dll or
  • Run the server and use the meta list command to check the
    Linux status :

  • Rechecker installation complete

  • rch_log - 0/1/2
    • 0 - Disable.
    • 1 - Normal log, only detection.
    • 2 - Detailed log.

Description of flags:
  • UNKNOWN - If you do not know the hash, this flag will look for a file with any hash.
  • IGNORE - This is a flag that marks this file with a hash in an ignored list.
  • MISSING - Detection of the missing file from the client.

    If two files with the specified hash and the IGNORE flag were found,
    they will be ignored for UNKNOWN

    "../qwerty.dll" 099b3b06 IGNORE
    "../qwerty.dll" f284f878 IGNORE
    "../qwerty.dll" UNKNOWN "addip 1440 [ip] "
  • BREAK - This flag exits all checks if the file was detected or not.

    Below is an example, if an antichet.dll file is found, it will exit the loop,
    further checks will not be performed.

    "../anticheat.dll" bdc52384 BREAK
    "../opengl32.dll" 0ee4e274 "addip 1440 [ip]"
The log resolution:
  • exphash - the `expected hash` hash that expects to get
  • got - hash that came from the client
  • typeFind - type of detection
    • exists - comparison of the hash `exphash == got`
    • missing - check for missing file `prevhash == got`
    • ignore - files marked in ignore
    • hash_any - check for any hash `prevhash! = got`
  • prevhash - hash of the previous file prevfile
  • prevfile - previous file
  • md5hex - hash as specified in resources.ini, same as exphash - the difference is only in byte order from younger to older
  • findathash - whether such a hash was previously encountered in all the files being scanned
Formatting strings:
  • [name] - Player name
  • [ip] - IP Address of the player
  • [userid] is the player ID
  • [steamid] - Steamid игрока
  • [file_name] is the name of the file to be scanned
  • [file_hash] - the hash of the checked file that the client returned
    ( Warning: this hash is big-endian , if you want to get a hash for later use in resources.ini then use file_md5hash)
  • [file_md5hash] - the hash of the file being checked that the client returned
Useful notes:
  • The reason for the punishment or notification can be enclosed in single quotes. " amx_kick [userid] ' Opengl32 Detected ' "
  • md5 hash c8005c526355d8015d462dc7f4ddb159 it is enough to have the first 4 bytes ( c8005c52 )

  • dreamstalker for the project
  • Asmodai for advice and assistance in implementing the optimization.
  • Neygomon for conducting tests.
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