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ReHLDS Reunion - no-steam for ReHLDS 2018-05-18

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Reunion is a continuation of the project for ReHLDS. It's a plugin for metamod that allows protocol 47 and 48 no-steam clients to join the server.

Development was started by , but he didn't have time to finish it. Now reunion developed and maintained by and .

! This topic is about reunion. Please discuss ReHLDS problems which is not related to reunion .
! Please use only English in this thread. (for Russians).


  • - Server accepts all known clients based on 47 and 48 protocols;
    - Customizable SteamIDs for clients;
    - Works only with ;
    - built-in server-side emulation support.

Current version: 0.1.92

  • - Added config option EnableQueryLimiter
    - QueryFloodBanTime now can be zero to disable bans for query flooding
  • 0.1.89

    • - Fixed crash when maxplayers setted up by config

  • 0.1.75

    • - Fixed steamid hashing compatibility with dproto (SteamIdHashDProtoCompat)

  • 0.1.74

    • - Rehlds api updated to version 3.0

  • 0.1.73

    • - Clients banned using banid will not try to auto rejoin with an another available emulator
      - Kick clients with duplicate steamids
      - Added config option SteamIdHashDProtoCompat
      - Tuned packet flood power measurements

  • 0.1.67

    • - Fixed ban of VALVE_ID_* clients
      - Improved handling of powerful query flood

  • 0.1.66

    • - fixed authorization of steam clients banned by banid

  • 0.1.65

    • - added 'port' extra data in serverinfo to support some new versions of revemu and monitorings
      - increased buffer for server rules (like in steamclient rather than by protocol)
      - getchallenge has higher priority then serverinfo request
      - parsing appversion from steam.inf

  • 0.1.62

    • - fixed authid serialization for 'banid' command
      - correct authid for HLTV connected from ExceptIP address
      - query limiter tuned to don't ban players who holding enter button to refresh server info
      - added QueryFloodBanTime config option

  • 0.1.61

    • - reading game id from steam_appid.txt
      - correct playing bots count for mods
      - many small bugfixes

  • 0.1.58

    • - fixed steamid by ip generation
      - icreased banlevel for server queries (for HLSW)

  • 0.1.57

    • - different way of detecting bugged serverbrowser

  • 0.1.56

    • - fixed error "STEAM userid keysize is bogus (0/1024)"
      - fixed wrong number of frags in server info
      - fixed issue related to the client hanging on connect ( )

  • 0.1.52

    • - fixed players list in server info in serverbrowser

  • 0.1.51

    • - fixed mismatch in steamid hashing algorithm between 0.1.46 and 0.1.50 releases
      - enableGenPrefix2 now doesn't affect the account number in steamid

  • 0.1.50

    • - allowed old p47 query for players list
      - added C++ API for plugins

  • 0.1.46

    • - fixed 'Bad challenge' problem in HLSW
      - fixed dp_clientinfo for player in first slot

  • 0.1.43

    • - fixed server query on steam client

  • 0.1.42

    • - improved steamid hashing security
      - added EnableGenPrefix2 config option for allowing second steamid prefix generation to reduce collisions chance

  1. Go to <gamedir>/addons/ and make new directory named reunion
    <gamedir> - its a game directory; cstrike for Counter-Strike, valve for Half-Life, etc
  2. Copy reunion_mm.dll or to <gamedir>/addons/reunion/
  3. Go to metamod installation directory (usually its <gamedir>/addons/metamod/) and edit plugins.ini:
    add this line for windows
    win32 addons\reunion\reunion_mm.dll
    or this for linux
    linux addons/reunion/
    at the beginning of the file
  4. Copy reunion.cfg to server root or gamedir.
  5. Start the server. When server loads, type "meta list" in console. You'll see something like this:
            Currently loaded plugins:
                   description      stat pend  file              vers      src   load  unlod
              [ 1] Reunion          RUN   -    reunion_mm_i386.  v0.1.58   ini   Start Never
              [ 2] AMX Mod X        RUN   -    amxmodx_mm_i386.  v1.8.1.3  ini   Start ANY
             2 plugins, 2 running
  6. Enjoy :)

  • If reunion doesn't work, meta list says this:
    Currently loaded plugins:
           description      stat pend  file              vers      src   load  unlod
     [ 1] Reunion          fail load  reunion_mm_i386.  v0.1.65   ini   Start Never
    Start server with -console +log on +mp_logecho 1 parameters and look through console output. You'll find the reason there.


Q: I configured SteamIdHashSalt as well as in the dproto, but players get a different steamids. Why?
A: Reunion uses an another hashing algorythm with improved security. Knowing of someones's steamid before enabling SteamIdHashSalt doesn't help to get same id after hashing.

Q: Is it possible to do something against steamid changers?
A: No, idchangers generates a correct authorization tickets and it's impossible on serverside identify that steamid was changed. You can only set a SteamIdHashSalt option to prevent a substitution to specific steamid of another player.

Q: I have troubles with the latest HLSW.
A: Use the most stable version

Q: No-steam players are doesn't counted in valve masterserver when searching servers from steam. Is it possible to fix?
A: No, steam client uses playercount from the steam authorization servers and ignores value received from server.

Q: AmxBans 6.0/6.1/gmbans can't receive players and rules lists from server with reunion. How to fix?
A: Replace some php files on these: [attachment=4][/attachment]

Q: Why some server monitorings can't receive the players list from server?
A: They use an incorrect query format and must be rewritten using latest script or equivalent.

Q: In dproto was option Game_Name, but in reunion it has not. How to change the game name?
A: Use

Thanks to:

  • dreamstalker for rehlds project;
    Crock, Lev and other people who participated or helped with development of dproto.
    kazakh758 for testing a fix of issue related to the client hanging on connect.

Before posting bugreports and questions...
  • Make sure that reunion is reason of the bug. You can check it by disabling reunion.
  • Please, don't post there questions about ReHLDS engine bugs that were known before release of reunion.

Bugreport MUST contain:
  • Detailed explanation of bug.
  • A way how to reproduce it (if possible)
  • Full startup log from server console; server should be started with "+log on +mp_logecho 1" parameters
  • Contents of reunion.cfg
I won't consider bugreports without these points because I don't want to spend my time to search possible reasons of your problems. Thanks for understanding.

Post all problems/bugs you have found in this topic.
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