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May 14, 2018
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What is it?
This is the result of reverse engineering the original mod CS to Half-Life (HLDS build 6153beta) using DWARF debugging information, built into the linux version, .​
In simple words, ReGameDLL is what is responsible for CS in general.​
It describes the whole logic of the CS mode , as well as the work of the weapon, the behavior of the entities, the interaction of the teams and the end conditions of the rounds, and so on.​

What will it give us?
  • The project is assembled by modern compilers, which will give us a bit more performance.
  • Some useful or frequently used things will probably be added directly to the mod, without the need to do this via AMXX plugins .
  • Ability to use the extended ReGameDLL API for Metamod plugins or AMXX modules .

  • Provide a more advanced API for mods and plug-ins.
  • Correcting bugs.
  • Optimization code.

How to use it?
ReGameDLL is fully compatible with the originalCSmod.​
All that is required of you is to load the ReGameDLL binary filesand replace the original mp.dll / The​
compiled files are available (choose .zip with the most recent modification date).​
The bin directory contains 2 subdirectories, 'bugfixed' and 'pure'.​
  • ' pure ' is designed to work exactly like the original CS mod from the valve.
  • ' bugfixed ' contains some fixes and improvements.
The configuration file game.cfg put in the server root or in the cstrike mod folder .​
Attention: ReGameDLL files are binary incompatible with the original one, as compiled by another compiler.​
This means that plug-ins doing binary code analysis (Orpheu for example) probably will not work with ReGameDLL .​

Supported versions of Metamod:
  • Metamod 1.21-am or 1.21p37 ( Attention: 1.20 and below Not recommended )

  • The project ReHLDS and all who participated in it.
  • Dreamstalker for the provided repository.

Known problems and their solutions:
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  • Q : What should I do if the server crashes and amxmodx 1.8.2 is down?
  • Answer : Make sure that the amxx cstrike module is to blame , turn off all plugins using the cstrike module , if the server does not crash, then you need to download a special version of the cstrike module for ReGameDLL (The archive is attached below)

  • Question : I do not have the adminfreelook module , can I fix it?
  • Answer : Use the AMXX plugin AdminFreeLook on the ReGameDLL API , download from plugin section .

  • Question : Does not work AdminFreeLook , how to fix it?
  • Answer : CVar 's mp_forcecamera , mp_forcechasecam should not be 0 , and mp_fadetoblack should be 0 .

  • Q : How do I know if ReGameDLL is working ?
  • Answer : You can find out through the game version command .

  • Question : Do not respond to the game version command , what should I do?
  • Answer : First you need to perform some steps:
    • You need to make sure that you put mp.dll (For Windows ) or (For Linux ) in the gamedir / dlls / directory .
    • If you have a Metamod , you should make sure that Metamod downloads it to your library mp.dll / , write command meta game and you will see in "dll pathname" path to the library that loaded Metamod .

    • In the gamedir / dlls folder there should not be and backup of the original library , Metamod willdownload them anyway , since it considers them to be priority than ReGameDLL . ( Tip: You can directly tell Metamodwhich library to load, for this go to the Metamod folder ( addons / metamod ), open config.ini ( if not, create config.ini ) and add the line:
      gamedll dlls/​

How can I help?
Fork on the project, collect through gradle, it will compile and hold tests.​
Look for bugs (errors) and make a pool of requests :)


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