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Jun 14, 2018

Retake is a popular mod from CS:GO which has been ported to Counter-Strike 1.6 and
Counter Strike Condition Zero using these plugins

In this mod the terrorist are spawned right on the bombsite while the
Counter-terrorist are spread throughout the map. The terrorist have to
Plant the bomb as soon as they are spawned while the Counter terrorists
have to defuse it which will then in turn Swap the teams the goal is to stay
in the terrorist team for as long as you can.

Amxmodx 1.8.2 or higher.

It is recommended to have ReHLDS so you can
set mp_roundtime "0.10". Which isn't possible in HLDS
as the minimum time you can set on HLDS is 1 minute.

v1.0 - Made the Base Plugin.
v2.0 - Added Hud Messages for various info and added cvars.
v2.5 - [PUBLIC RELEASE] Added natives (, optimized the code and pre-added map spawn points for few maps.

Faizan Qureshi for approaching me with the idea.
Doc-Holiday for Weapons Menu.
jopmako for help with spawn points.

NOTE: Always keep retake_main.amxx above the other two plugins inside plugins.ini

Important Commands and Cvars:

amx_retake_menu // This Command will open up the Spawn Editor Menu

rt_autoswap "4" // Number of consecutive rounds Terrorist wins before automatically swapping teams.
rt_randomnades "1" // [Values 0/1] Turn Random Nades on/off.
rt_nadeamount "2" // [Default:2] Amount of random nades.
rt_henade "0" // Number of guaranteed hand grenade each round.
rt_flash "0" // Number of guaranteed flash each round.
rt_smoke "0" // Number of guaranteed smoke grenade each round.
rt_unlimitedammo "1" // Allow Unlimited Ammo.
rt_armor "100" // Amount of armor each round.
rt_blockdrop "0" // Block drop weapon.

HUD Cvars:
rt_siteinfo "1" // Hud message informing the players on what bombsite is retake taking place on.
rt_timerhud "1" // Bomb Timer Hud on/off.
rt_bombmsg "1" // Hud Message informing the bomber to plant the bomb.

The plugin might not be perfect as it is in the beta phase
so if any bugs are found or if you have any query feel free
to contact me in the comments down below or on FB.
Also, retake_main.sma isn't available as of now but
I'll open-source it sooner or later.



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