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May 14, 2018
I am writing this topic in order for people who deal with servers to be fully informed about the novelties and to stop using old, buggy and maintenance-free stuff.

What ReHLDS and what is it known about?
Re verse-engineering HLDS emerged in the first half of 2015 thanks to DreamStalker and became known after the appearance of this . Then, Asmodai, s1lent, PRoSToTeM @, Adidasman, Lev and others joined the project. So far, the development has continued and the engine in its current form is stable. It was possible to reduce the load, to fix a number of errors and to add new functionalities.

Therefore, the following steps should be taken to move to ReHLDS:
1.We need the latest official build 6153 from Valve . Can be downloaded directly from .

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Download the latest version of ReHLDS (click on the image) and unzip. Older versions can be found in the .
The bin folder has 2 folders: win32 (Windows files) and linux32 (Linux files).
  • engine_i486.so - ReHLDS for Linux
  • swds.dll - ReHLDS for Windus
Copy the file according to the OS you use and place it in the root folder of the server (where it is hlds.exe). The remaining files are for .

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Download the latest version of ReGameDLL (click on the image). Older versions can be found in the .
You may not put it, but then ReHLDS is incomplete and there will be no additions (ReAimDetector, ReCSDM) and much of the functionality of the ReAPI module will not be available. Plus, a large number of bug fixes will not be available.
Folder cssdk is not needed, there are source codes.
What should be in the bin / bugfixed folder. There are 3 files in it:
  • mp.pdb - debug info is not needed
  • cs.so - ReGameDLL for Linux
  • mp.dll - ReGameDLL for Windows
Copy the file according to the OS you use and place it in the / cstrike / dlls
folder The game.cfg configuration file put in the root folder of the server or in the cstrike folder. Pay attention to the .
If you use AMXX 1.8.2, you need to replace the cstrike module (attached to the topic ), otherwise entering the server will crash. This does not apply to AMXX 1.8.3-dev or ReAMXX.

4. Install . Download the latest version .

It is important to note that so far ReHLDS is 3+ times faster than the original HLDS. No need for metamod booster plug-ins - mmtimer, HL Booster, Booster Lite, Ping Booster, WINHL-Booster

5. Install the latest official build of AMXMODX 1.8.3 - Download from ( base and cstrike )

6. Install SafeNameAndChat . The metamod plugin fixes the bugs that players can drop from their game, replacing the original # and% symbols with similar ones. From the settings, it can stop the substitution of symbols in the nick because it is added to ReHLDS and does not need to be released. For the more curious .

7. Install . This is a dproto for ReHLDS. Basically it uses the same settings, but the difference is that it does not protect against exploits. They are now being engineered.

8. Install - Metamod plugin against fake players. Says all known up to this point. It does not take old protections, like FakeDetector or XClientDetector.

This was the basis for any server regardless of fashion. For a classic server, there are some other things that are needed to keep up-to-date and maximally secure.
Anti-Cheat add-ons
1. - Metadome plugin for checking client files, analog of . What's better? First of all, there is a metamod plugin. Second, it does not need additional AMXX modules, and third is free .

2. - Metamod to detect anime and NoSpread. Uses the method to detect from Blocks some types of AimBot, Triggerbot, AutoFire, KnifeBot when SEND_PROTECTION_WEAPON is turned on Some cracks with the

3. - AMXH module that detects / blocksspeed hack and detect slowmotion. For a classic server, only the module is enough to block the hack. The AMHX plugin is not recommended due to fake detection.

4. - A metamod plugin that blocks wallhack, esp (extrasensory perception) and some Aymboths.

Naturally everyone can judge depending on fashion, what protection from the four listed will need.

These were the most important things. Here are some add-ons that, depending on whether you want them, are recommended to use them.

7. - both fix vocal packs from microphones between steam and non-steam players. A matter of choice.

8. - AMXX module for ReHLDS and ReGameDLL, which provides new plug-in functionality. If you like a plugin that uses it, you'll need to put it on your server.

9. - a metamod plugin, many times better than the familiar and buggy AMXX plugins. The biggest plus is that when someone is squatting semiclip-a is not activated and another can climb onto it.

10. - csdm mod using the functions of ReGameDLL. More info on the subject.
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